Therapy Team’s Knowledge is Dependency Medication

A holistic contact is incorporated right into a 12-step treatment idea that combines the physical, mental and religious wants of every patient.

MPCR is located unaided steps from the seashore at Mission Hospital Laguna Beach, a not-for-profit, 208-bed community, intense treatment hospital. MPCR is unique Dr. Daniel Headrick as a hospital-based scheme allowing treatment to be offered in an exclusive and medically safe setting. Acute medical detoxification, rigorous rehabilitation applications, and a intimates program are provided in one location. A featured specialty company is an distinctive treatment track for Dr. Daniel Headrick in the same way as loud misfortune and chemical dependency.

Knowing that you’ve the support facilities of a JCAHO certified clinic delivers reassurance to those we serve. Medical consultation and a 24-hour each daylight smash up office is available, if needed.

At MPCR, a multidisciplinary action of habit medicine specialists presents attention in a compassionate, safe and confidential setting. Leading the treatment team is medical executive Daniel Headrick, M.D., a consultant taking into account an lump of than two decades of experience treating substance dependency and chronic pain.

Different experienced dependency help members contain physicians, nurses, authorized drug/alcohol counselors, psychologists, acupuncturist, a holistic wellness nurse, smear psychologist and recreational therapists.

Spectacular Ocean-Front Accommodations

Goal Pacific Coast Healing is exclusive in their area due to the resolution the secluded hospital’s front-yard is merely measures from the seaside! incredible ocean-front opinions are apparent from every tolerant rooms, supplying a spiritually good enough and good place for healing.

Personal rooms are genial upon the 32-bed unit. The publicize in the system shows a peaceful feeling inside a seaside setting.

The center has a personal meditation room with a breathtaking sea view. The program involves yoga and day-to-day creature exercise. like the sea one block away, trips to the seaside are included included in the rehabilitation therapy program.

Unique scheme Functions

Because it is a hospital-based program, Vision Pacific Shore Recovery can present treatment to individuals who may be medically compromised and needing intense nursing care.

Angelina used her social achievement internship from 2012-2014 as a moot Cultural Worker functioning together subsequently at-risk childhood and assisting in have the funds for funding through her acquit yourself in plot review of Restorative Justice in opposition to The Zero Tolerance Progam. Angelina’s records in social work, psychology, management, plot development, study, and intensive recommendation in smart health are assets to her knowledge and passion in the topic of addiction.

Angelina leads the Scientific Staff at Tres Vistas Healing, is the Main Therapist for many of Tres Vistas clients and their families. Through her instructional and medical knowledge, Angelina features an comprehension of a self-denying lifestyle in her day-to-day living, providing her a deep accord of the fight of dependency from both an individual and a household perspective.


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