house Hacienda el Rosario

Created more than 100 years ago and famous for the imposing architecture, Hacienda El Rosario Country house is rationally located on the double carriageway upon the Autopista del Cafe, easily reached to the Manizales Team area house, lonesome 20 moments from The city of Manizales and 50 minutes from Pereira. It comes taking into consideration an normal heat of 22 – 23 degrees centigrade. agreed equipped to variety probably the most inspiring national and international tourists, it features a skill for 16 individuals following 7 areas, 6 bathrooms and 2 swimming pools. It has a good number of woods and alojamiento rural Manizales chickens, and is the absolute place for its site to learn the entire Colombian espresso zone.

Our visitors can enjoy a fine alojamiento rural Manizales of roomy fruits that manufacture inside our gardens past oranges, mandarins, sapotes, abotijaba accompanied by others.

We provide a rich food to the guests, our dishes are manufactured considering regional products and services, several that manufacture upon the farm.

We could arrange excursions to:





Accommodation rural Manizales can accommodate going on for 15 people. The home has eight bedrooms wealthily furnished.

The rooms are distributed as follows:

Six double areas

One double room

Six Bathrooms

We next pay for an exceptional relieve for groups greater than ten people. That company has been reserved by categories of visitors who wish to in fact have the home for the exclusivity of the associates or society of friends.

** back it is this nice of antiquated house of corridors in models taking into account railings and two steps, it’s not recommended for those who have some brute disability.

At 100 mts after the cost of the pavas is admission to the Hacienda by the right road via Pereira Manizales, visitors via Manizales should make the recompense in the past paying the Toll.

Finca Hacienda el Rosario is located 20Km from the city of Manizales; At 7 km from Chinchina; Facing the golf courses of the Campestre team, 500 meters from the Restaurant Expressway which makes it easy to travel to the town of Pereira and / or Armenia.


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